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Natural Phenomenon
Dead Amusements &  Wonderland of Decay
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"Happy in the Bogs" 20" x 24", c-print


"Slanted Ground" 20" x 24", c-print


"Tilted House" 24" x 20", c-print


"Goopy House" 24" x 20", c-print


"Hypnotic Candy Lane" 24" x 20", c-print

Hidden Village:

My photographs are intended to create a dialogue about ambiguity and tension found in the mundane and fantastic. This work exists in a realm between documentation and constructive treatment with use of lighting, time exposure, and some installation. I find places that I find peculiar and respond to them by activating objects in various rooms or make sculpted forms to interact with the place.

Hidden Village is a sewn together photographic series of objects found in five specific abandoned theme parks left in the drudges of swampland and mountains. Treating each scene with camera manipulation contributes to throwing off the sense of proportion or scale, as if it were something like a staged set, diorama of miniatures or a glimpse. The oversized or undersized objects seen in their overgrown downfall have been pieced together to describe an ideal habitation. Finding the objects dilapidated within a passing moment, happiness, wonder and failure can blend into a unified perception of what landscape is. To this date, some of the houses have now been raised or squished by fallen trees.

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